Evanne Chesson & Bruce Gleeson

Evanne and Bruce have worked in the industry for more than 50 years. At Australian Movie Livestock, animals are trained to perform on the big screen. They're part of the animal acting industry.




It all started with Evanne Cheeson, when she was 19 and teaching at a horse riding school near Sydney. I was asked to supply some horses for Marlboro commercials. From there the business has developed with Australian Movie Livestock now raising kangaroos, birds, dogs, camels and lots of horses and other animals that have featured in a lot of Australian films.


Evanne has also won an AFI Award  in 1993  for the contributions to Australian films. 



Bruce Gleeson has been working with large and small animals all his life, in his early twenties he was employed to use horses to drag logs out of the dense forest.  It was then by coincidence a film was being made not far from where he was working and he was offered a job in the film, supplying animals.


His work in the film industry has taken off from there and is now partners in Australian Movie Livestock. 


We ensure that we have everything in place so the animals are really comfortable, they've got to be relaxed. If they're not relaxed it won't work, they've got to watch you and keep an eye on you at all times. That's our job, and we have decades of experience in doing it!